Count Me Present

“He adores his mother,” she told me, talking about a friend of hers, a grown man with a profound love for this woman in his life.

“I mean, anytime he talks about her, it is with such reverence and respect.  He had a horrible relationship with his dad, but he held his mom in the highest esteem.  I finally had to ask him about it.  I said, ‘Please tell me what she did to make you love her so very much.’

And do you know what he told me?  He said, ‘She came to every game I played.'”


One thought on “Count Me Present

  1. A few years ago Larry and I taught a parenting class for our church. As a part of the preparation, we went out on a limb and asked our two grown sons to tell us three things that we did “right” and three things we could have improved. Independently and in different words, they both said to the number one thing we did right was -you were always there–sporting events, concerts, church activities, at home so we could have friends over, etc.

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