The Bus Test

There’s a leadership theory called The Bus Test.

If the leader were hit by a bus, are there enough leaders and strategists and problem solvers in place so the ministry (or organization) can continue effectively?

It’s the idea of building a strong leadership team, recruiting and mobilizing volunteers, so the ministry doesn’t become a one-man show.

I am happy to say: The Greenhouse has passed The Bus Test – with flying colors.

I have not been hit by a bus, thankfully, but I have strep throat and an ear infection. Confirmed at urgent care last night. My home has been an infirmary for the last month, so my turn was bound to come. I assure you: I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.

A freaking big bus.

The team stepped into action last night, and they whipped together an excellent plan for tonight. I am so thankful, so impressed, and so honored to serve alongside you ladies.

I only wish I could come to see the execution of such a great evening. Alas, I’ll be hanging out with an army of antibiotics.

So much love to The Greenhouse tonight!


4 thoughts on “The Bus Test

  1. So sorry it’s your turn to be sick, Tricia, and I’ll miss you tonight, but I’m glad The Greenhouse passes The Bus Test. Rest and be well!

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and congrat’s on having a team that can manage without you, if/when they must.

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