A Word About Bookmarks

Bookmarks matter.

If you have a pesky little blank post-it note saving your spot in a book,

or if you tore the corner from a magazine when you were last finished reading,

or if you dog-ear pages to find your place, not because the page means anything,

then I challenge you to choose something new.  Choose a bookmark.

My personal favorite is a photo.  I think there is no better greeting (as if opening the book isn’t greeting enough!) than a smiling face or happy memory with someone you love.  Or once loved.  Or hope to love.

But if you are a die-hard advocate for acid-free photo care, then I have other choices to offer you.

The sleeve from your Starbucks cup.  (Especially if it’s decorated with a phrase that inspires you.)

A doodle on a 3×5 card.

A quote on a 3×5 card.

A note on a 3×5 card.

(I believe on the eighth day, God invented 3×5 cards.)

A punch card from a favorite spot.  I have one from a coffee shop I visited on a weekend in Portland.  A souvenir, tucked right into the pages of one of my favorite reads.

Movie ticket stubs.

A postcard, sent or unsent.

I feel so strongly about bookmarks that I utilize too many at a time.  I open my book and little bits of paraphernalia flutter to the ground.  So I pick them up and remember why I chose them in the first place.

Pick something that matters.  Bookmarks do.

4 thoughts on “A Word About Bookmarks

  1. I do that, too, with paraphernalia. I find it in old books. But then I wonder which one was actually marking my spot?

  2. I’m with Noel ~ but that’s part of the fun! ;-)

    I once bought a used book from the local library. I was so excited to read it (though I can’t recall right now what it even was!). Imagine my pure joy when I leafed through the book and out fell a photograph … of the son of one of my dearest friends … taken years earlier when he was just a little tyke. The book had belonged to her before she donated it to the good folks at the library, who were then kind enough to sell it to me. So I was able to return the precious picture to its rightful owner, and we still laugh about it now several years later. I love having Bibliophile Friends!

    (Also, thanks for recognizing that there ARE good reasons to dog-ear a page!)

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