For Seriously

“Tricia, when I worked with you, you seemed so fastidious.  I had no idea you are so, so… like me.”

Ha.  Had you all fooled.  :)

Just goes to show: I take my work seriously, but I do not take myself seriously.

Really, ever.

Freaking AutoCorrect

I’m texting with a client, who’s really more of a friend, since we have known each other since high school.  And when you read the rest of this story, you’ll see why I’m thanking the Lord in heaven that this was not someone I had just met on a professional realm.

I just cranked out an announcement for his company, as they’ve acquired five businesses and are moving forward with an unstoppable synergy.

I meant to say… “Let me know what’s next on your docket.  I’m in.”

Freaking AutoCorrect hijacked my message.   “Let me know what’s next on your dickey.  I’m on.”

Oh, my great day.  Leave it to the widow to be inappropriate.


Normally, genealogy in the Bible gets a once-over skim from me.  Lots of names I can’t pronounce, the son of the son of the son of… all these people.

But today, as I read in Luke, I am struck by the fact that Jesus is listed as both the son of God and the son of Joseph.  And his lineage, from God to Joseph, is more than fifty generations and names and families.

Today I am reminded: God could have done all of this – the saving of the world – without any of us.

God, your Son was and is yours.  You needed nothing from us.
And yet, there is a geneaology of Jesus that stretches over fifty generations, countless names, simply to get him here.  Simply to bring his birth.

And now, for centuries and generations, you enlist and entrust us with the mighty calling of carrying the Name of Your Son.

May we be worthy.  And though we are not worthy, may we be found faithful.
* * *

I will carry Your Name,

carry Your Name,

Jesus, Your Name forever.

For all of my days,

in all of my ways,

Jesus, Your Name forever.

~ k. jobe