Cussing in front of my Kids

“Oh, my freaking heavenly days.”

“Tuck, I would like for you to not say that anymore.”

And in retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have said it myself.

(Although that combination was altogether his own.)

“Oh, my freaking word.” + “Oh, my great day.” + “Oh, my heavens.” = A sum greater than all its parts.

I kind of love it. Might need to use that line, actually.

3 thoughts on “Cussing in front of my Kids

  1. My 3-yr-old son has taken to saying “Oh my!” and “Watch out, buddy!” He’s also once uttered “You’ve got to be KIDDING me!” Sigh.

  2. My six-year-old spilled the bag of dry pasta all over the kitchen floor and uttered, “that did NOT just happen!”
    Hmmm, wonder where she heard that before…..

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