Dating a Boy

Tuesday night is date night. The boys alternate weeks to treat me to a night on the town.

It’s pretty great. There’s so much more to enjoy when an antagonist stays home. There’s much to be said for one-on-one.

Tonight, Tuck and I talked
about pizza
and tic tac toe
and good dreams
and bad dreams
and how God knows everything –
even all the math facts –
and some other stuff that will only ever belong to us.

We danced down the sidewalk (until he was embarrassed).

We shared a salted caramel dessert, and we had a burping contest. (Setting the bar high for the future ladies.)

And my boy laughed. That precious sound was hard to find for a long, long time. He’s found it again.

Thanks for the great date, T.



4 thoughts on “Dating a Boy

  1. I just read your The World’s Most Stubborn Tooth….and it answered my question I had about the picture of Tuck with the space between his teeth. WOW…tell him, “way to go!”

  2. I love this! My parents didn’t do this and if God blesses me with my own children, I plan to take them on dates too. Laughter is really a terrific sound. God is answering our prayers, because it is back in your home.

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