When Outsourcing . . .

In my mission toward simplifying my life and outsourcing the tasks I can afford for someone else to do, I have tried my hand at online grocery shopping.

Since I believe hell is a place where people must endlessly shop for groceries with small children (and step on Legos and matchbox cars in barefeet), the idea of click-click-clicking my way down the virtual grocery aisle and then accepting a gracious delivery at my doorstep became overwhelmingly appealing.

I even added a couple of surprises for myself, so I could pretend the delivery person had been thoughtful and encouraging. (Spearmint gum.)

(Next time, I may add fresh flowers to the delivery. Just for kicks and giggles and wishes on stars.)

The experience was highly productive and impressively intentional. The few dollars I spent on the delivery fee were definitely less than I would have spent on impulse purchases in the name of entitlement.

There was just one hiccup.

The five pounds of sugar I ordered came in a box of 100 individual packets.

Note to self: read the fine print.

Oopsie daisy.

Ah, well. It will give me something to do while I watch TV.

Or it’s a good math equation. How many packets of sugar equal my rough estimation for berry cobbler?

Snip, snip, pour. Snip, snip, pour.

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