Best Writing on TV

“And I’m scared. I know that you’re trying to make everything okay for me. You always have. Our whole lives. And I love you so much for that.


You have to let me be scared.

I want to be able to come to you and just say, I’m really scared today. And I just want you to hear it.

I don’t want you to tell me to think positive or that everything is going to be great. Because right now I’m not sure that it’s going to be.

And I just want to be able to feel scared.

That’s what I need from you right now.”

– Kristina Braverman, Parenthood


10 thoughts on “Best Writing on TV

  1. …and yet, no Emmy. Not even a nomination. In ANY category. Love the show. Hate that all the Emmys go to pay channels these days, and a great network show like Parenthood doesn’t get any respect.

  2. Saw the show last evening and was struck by this dialogue, as well. Soulful, real life, angst. I also love that she chose the barracuda doctor based on the survivor’s redirection of ‘goal.’ Becoming a favorite show.

  3. wonderful show…has been a favorite of mine since the beginning. in large part because of the wonderful writing and REAL dialogue. and great cast…and monica potter is one of the best – she can convey any array of emotions without saying a word. she’s incredible.

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