At Every Birthday Celebration

Every time one of my sons has a birthday, a few common players show up to the party.

There is always celebration,

There is always ribbon,

There is always a cake,

There is always a book,

There is always a present for the birthday brother,

And try as I may to avoid it, there is always a picture of my face doing this.

(The tired mom when she thinks nobody is looking.  Pour that girl a glass of wine.)

Happy Birthday, Tuck. 

Seven is yours to hold with both hands. Let’s do it, kiddo. 

I adore everything you. 

(And apparently I should shift my bedtime closer to yours.)


One thought on “At Every Birthday Celebration

  1. Happy Birthday!! Thanks for allowing us to share in your day, your life Tuck. You are loved an covered in prayer. Great things are ahead for you!!

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