Marketing from the Swings

“Mommy, can you push me on the swings?”

“Sure, buddy.  Let me finish writing this story, and then I’m all yours.”

(Sometimes I blog on my iPhone.  It’s a handy trick, that touch screen with all its online accessible options.  Hooray for Steve Jobs, and may he rest in peace.)

Tyler announced from his perch on the swing, “Did you hear that, everyone?!  My mommy is writing a story!  That’s because she’s an author!  Do you know what an author does?  They write books!  She’s going to be published!  Do you know what that means?  It means you can buy her books and read them!!  Buy her books and read them!”

Well, thank you, little Mr. Public Relations and Marketing Consultant.

2 thoughts on “Marketing from the Swings

  1. I love it when kids give voice to the kind of enthusiasm I wish I could express without feeling goofy. Like if I introduced you to friends who didn’t know you I’d want to be just as effusive: This is Tricia. A true-blue, ordinary girl-next-door girl who said YES to God and writing and now she is a true blue, girl-known-around-the globe, extraordinary woman whose pebble is making a thousand concentric circles of impact. So buy her books! Read them while your children swing! I love that Tuck leads the way….loud and proud. I just love that.

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