Parting Words

“Mommy, before you go,” to a meeting of creative artists, “I need to tell you something. You look very weird.”

“Weird? Really?”

“Just your eyelashes, actually.”


7 thoughts on “Parting Words

  1. How do we parent this? My kids, who are used to seeing my in capris and t-shirts, say the same thing when I get dressed up.

  2. I spit out my bite of sandwich on that one!! My 12-yr-old has convinced me that all I need is a little under eye concealer. He says anymore make up than that makes me look weird and wicked. Yes, I have let a 12 yr old boy influence my face art just because I can’t get those 2 “w” words out of my head every time I get dressed!

  3. My husband came downstairs to go to work on “casual day” and had bought a new “cool” shirt….our 17 year old daughter came downstairs and said “Nope, dad, you’re trying too hard”….back up the stairs he went and back to the store went the shirt…..SMILE:)

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