24 thoughts on “Drum Roll….

  1. Congratulations Tricia!! I have been “with” you now through tragedy and triumph, and I’m glad the publisher can see what a gift you have. I, for one, will be one of the first in line for a copy. Way to go!! I can’t wait!

  2. Wonderful, another evidence of God’s grace poured out on your life. And without your Masters degree :o)

  3. Are there going to be pictures? I like picture books. How about extra big margins for notes? A signing party with a super cool coffee bar? How about I just stop asking questions? Yes, let’s go with that.

  4. Congratulations Tricia. May God bless as you embrace this new journey. You, Tuck, and Tyler make a great team. May you continue to make your life count for Christ!

    Because of His Love,

  5. Holy CRAP!! I am SOOOOO proud of you!!
    Pretty soon I can say”I knew you when…”
    Love and YAY FOR YOU!!
    Lynda WIshart

  6. Brava & Kudos!! Looking forward to reading it – something tells me it’s going to be one of my all-night-marathon reading sessions…

  7. Girl. I have no words. I am so stinking proud of you and awed at this adventure God has brought you to! YOU. ARE. AMAZING.

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