Heretofore Unknown

I hired a woman to professionally clean my home yesterday.

She walked in as I was scrambling to put away the clutter she shouldn’t have to work around. I apologized all over the place, and she simply put her hand on my arm.

In her thick and gracious Uruguayan accent, she said, “Treesha. All is okay. Olga is here now.”

I think I will write that on a 3×5 card and carry it with me. Everywhere.

We returned to a spotless home. Spotless, I tell you.

The boys were appropriately amazed at the sparkling faucets, the vacuum lines in the carpet, the crisply made beds.

And it makes sense they would be so taken back. This kind of cleanliness is heretofore unknown to them.

A homemaker I am. A housekeeper I am not.

“All is okay. Olga will be back.”

8 thoughts on “Heretofore Unknown

  1. I love that you did that! I think I will print out this post and put it on a card to either carry with me or leave where I will see it. I have been thinking about hiring a professional cleaning service but first I must get up the courage to go through my husband’s things and decide what to keep and what not to keep (notice I can’t say “get rid of” yet). Until then I guess the house will just remain a little unkempt and lived in. I sure do love the clean and crisp look of a hotel right about now though, since everything else in life seems so upside down.

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