A Thousand Times

“And so you have finished your first draft, Tricia.  What a unique way to heal,” my friend says to me.  “You are, like, the Queen of Non Denial.”

“That’s a beautiful way to say that.”

“It’s true.  You are.  You’ve immersed yourself in this over and over again.  You’ve lived it a thousand times over because you’ve put yourself in it again and again as you’ve written and rewritten.”

Healing comes in telling the story a thousand times.

1 thought on “A Thousand Times

  1. I do believe that’s true….My mother died last year at a young age; so did my mother-in-law, both from cancer. I remember staring at some hard mornings and discovering ways to “muscle” through some of the days. I called it “doing the dance” (of grief). I remember telling family members who struggled too, some of whom tried many ways to escape “the dance”, or avoid it, that this was impossible. Everyone must go through the process and it is how you allow your self to experience the “dance” that you eventually heal.

    I read your posts all the time and remember when you were just a little girl running around while your mom and dad lead the ABT chorale. The Lord sure has amazing plans for our journeys. God Bless you, Tricia.

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