Half My Sandwich

Happy Anniversary, babe. We never did Disney on our anniversary, but I am here today.

I am sitting at a table for two, eating a sandwich we shared once. I only ate half the sandwich today. I wrapped up the other half. And I gave the extra chair to a tourist with more party than his table can hold.

It seemed like it would be smart to travel on this day. But now I am only alone and traveling with a void.

We had a good ride, honey. And if God sends me love again, I think I’ll jump in even farther, love even harder.

Because I get it now.

Happy 12 years, Love. Eat half a sandwich for me today.

I love you.

“It was the small moments of care taking that meant the most, that forged the real relationship. The way one pulled the blankets over the sleeping other, the way one prepared a snack for oneself but made enough to share. Such moments made for the team of two, which made for one’s sword and shield.”

~ e. berg

3 thoughts on “Half My Sandwich

  1. Another post that makes me sigh, Tricia. The ones that hit home the most always do that, if not induce tears also. I sigh a lot when I read your posts.

  2. I feel sad today as I think of your loss and I feel wondrous about how you have moved through grief toward a future of hope. I pray consolation will be yours even as you console; that your hope will be sustained even as you encourage others; that love may again take hold of your heart even as you hold your first love so tenderly.

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