We would be married for twelve years this Sunday.

“How does that feel to you, Tricia?  Does it feel like forever ago?  Or does it feel like it went so fast?”

It feels like it never happened at all.

There are people in this world because he was born and I married him.  And there are photos that say he was here, he was mine.

Even still, sometimes it feels like I only dreamt him.

8 thoughts on “12

  1. I am going through the same feelings right now! It would have been 19 years for us on the 24th and I was just thinking the other day that I kind of feel like my life with him was a dream. I know he was real, I know our life was real, it is just really hard to remember touching him and feeling him real.

  2. Thirty seven years, ten months and nine days — but I still feel the same way. He’s been gone 368 days.

  3. My head says that you will never forget him; my heart says that your experience of Robb will be held in that special place of wisdom from which you will draw love, faith and hope for the future. And that is his legacy through you.

  4. I feel that way, too. As the memories turn more and more into still photographs in my mind, I sometimes wonder if it ever happened at all. It FEELS like it didn’t, but I KNOW that it did. Sometimes it’s really good and sweet to just remember that for him, I was the most important person in the world.

  5. How true. Wednesday would have been our 31st anniversary but it feels like it too was just a long dream sometimes. I don’t quite understand this or how I could be doing so well sometimes and some days just knock me to my knees.

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