Perforated Edges

If your child falls off a swing,
Lands hard on his tailbone
And jars his entire torso,

If he complains of chest pain,
Back pain,
Neck pain,

But you can tell its not severe because he has plenty of strength left to whine,

If you choose to send him to bed with an ice pack of frozen vegetables,

Choose corn.
Peas, maybe.

Don’t choose a bag of Asian Spring Mix with a Light Sesame Sauce.

5 thoughts on “Perforated Edges

  1. Rolling on the Floor Laughing!!!! I’m at the library too. Guess I should be more quiet.

  2. I love how you let our imaginations fill in all the blanks for this story. Like the other commenters, I think I may be imagining more funny and less tedious clean-up. Well, actually now I’m imagining a slightly sweaty, sweet teriyaki smell that was slept on all night. Oh my, Tricia. These things always have a way of happening at your house. So endearing.

  3. My favorite words in this post are the title, and my favorite words in the next post are, “…and your brother really needs to take a shower. He has sesame sauce all over him.”

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