Young is a Feeling

“Tricia, I’m only two years from 40, but in my mind I feel like I’m still in my early twenties.  Don’t you?  Don’t you still feel so young?”

No, not really. I am turning 33 this month, and I even had to do the math just now to be sure that’s the right number.  Surely I must be older.

I have to remind myself how young I am, how much life is in front of me.  Some of my closest friends have yet to marry at all.  The adventure awaits them.

They are my same age.  And I have a whole marriage – a whole decade of every day – finished and buried.

I forget sometimes that I’m only 32.  Young is a feeling.

I wonder how much life can happen in 18 months.

2 thoughts on “Young is a Feeling

  1. How much life can happen in 18 months? As much life as you let in. Glib? Probably. Sorry. But seconds, minutes, hours, days … come and go. It is impossible to digest all of those with purposeful intent; that would be exhausting. However, when I let life in, with its myriad of experiences, life informs me and changes me. Some of those changes come as an easy current and others as a rushing torrent.

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