These photos span a decade.

20120703-215945.jpgHis eyes are lit up in the first picture; they were brighter then.

Everything was brighter then.

But in both pictures, I am pressed against him.  He’s pulling me in.

We are bookends, holding so much between us.

Beginning, end, with a beautiful story: before, during, and after.


I love you, babe.  I hope there are fireworks where you are tonight.


3 thoughts on “Bookends

  1. Neither of you aged at all, but you can see the love… him for you and you for him. Pictures say a thousand words. I wish I could think of even one word that would comfort you as you miss him today. I know every little special day, every holiday and celebration brings memories of holidays past with your Love. I hold a vision of you with the man God has picked out to love you and the boys for the rest of this earthly journey every day. And so thankful that in the meantime… you write! You write! You write!

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