“Low Sperm Count.”

“Mrs. Williford, could you pray that my parents can have another baby?”

One of my kindergarten students asked me this question, back when I was spending all of my days in a community of primary colors, sight words, and bulletin boards.

“You bet, kiddo.  Would you like to be a big sister?”

“Yes, but my daddy has a low sperm count, so it’s not easy for my parents to have babies.  I’m really quite a blessing.”

And so there you go.  Look out, parents of small children.  Your child’s teacher knows a whole lot about you.  A whole lot.  She’ll try to keep a straight face at the next parent-teacher conference.

(I recognize the irony, that I too am the mom on display through my child’s lens and vocabulary.  God, help me.)


5 thoughts on ““Low Sperm Count.”

  1. I had to chuckle at this one, Trisha, because when I was a teacher to 2nd graders I would always tell the parents at orientation night that “I will believe half of what your kids tell me if you believe half of what they tell you!!” I heard it all through the years just like you did!! :)

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