Something for Everyone

I walked into David’s Bridal in search of a dress for my brother’s wedding, where I will stand as his Best Man.

(I vacillated a bit on this title. Emily Post and wedding etiquette specialists suggest other options: The Groom’s Woman (no, that would be the bride), The Best Person (I choose not to proclaim myself the Best Person at my brother’s wedding), or the Groom’s Matron (um, ew.). So, I will be The Best Man. Since everyone knows the significance of that role, and everyone knows I’m not actually a man. At all.)

Anyway, I walked in just as several women were walking out; they carried bundled gowns over every arm, and they were decked out in burkas.

This implies two things:

a) David’s Bridal does indeed have something for everyone,


b) Somebody is marrying a free-thinking husband.

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