Highest of Compliments

“Tuck, you are so much like Daddy.  Sometimes I just want to call you Robb Williford.”

His gentle, proud smile creeps in.  “Thanks, Mommy.”


5 thoughts on “Highest of Compliments

  1. Trisha, this struck a chord with me, because I have said the highest compliment anyone can give me is when they tell me I am my father made over. I smile as the tear glistens. Good for Tuck!!

  2. My Dad always told me I was just like my mom, in appearance and action. Still warms my heart and makes me smile today, all these years later.

  3. I thought this yesterday as I saw a picture of Tucker. Because he looks so much like Robb, it brings sorrow and joy to me at the same time…everytime. There is something extra in Tuck where Robb is still on the earth with us it seems. Those boys of yours are special.

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