Has Everyone Noticed?

“Has everyone here noticed that my mommy is getting a little bit fat?”

“You think so, Ty?”  I ask.

“Yep.  ‘Member that picture I drew of you, in the big, puffy coat?  I drew you fat.”

“Is it because I’m wearing the big, puffy coat in your drawing?”

“Yes, and because you’re getting fat.”

(I’m pretty sure I’m not, by the way.  All the numbers relating to the topic at hand have stayed relatively the same.)

He posed this conversationally, asking if ‘everyone’ had noticed.  Not just one of you, not just anyone.  He’d like for each and every person to take notice.

I didn’t take him seriously.  I laughed.  (Only a little.)
And then we talked about the word ‘inappropriate.’

I was so bold to say that ‘fat’ is the worst possible thing he can say to someone, anyone, ever, forever.

(We’ll make that a growing list.  There are a few other terms that belong on the list, but he hasn’t discovered them yet.)

Freaking five-year-old.

Oh, my boys.

I hang out with them for the affirmation.


7 thoughts on “Has Everyone Noticed?

  1. This is so funny.. I love the “freaking five year old” : ) Have one of my own and they sure can be too honest : )

  2. I have such a huge smile on my face right now. My oldest son, Wyatt, who is eight years old, has said that recently. His bother Cody, who is six, grabbed my leg and said “squishy.” In my case it is true that I need to loose weight. However, when your sons point it out in such a manner it stings. On a certain level it was funny, but it stings nonetheless. You’ve just got to love boys.

  3. I have an 8 year old who kindly shared with me that I have “back fat”, and yes, that is a direct quote. Not funny. ( \:) Freaking eight year olds. LOL!!

  4. I say, quite often, “God did not give us children for our self-esteem.” I can’t really say that it gets better. Especially if you have one who doesn’t hesitate to share opinions.

    At this point my kids call me “comfy.” I can live with “comfy.”

  5. Recently, my 6 year old cousin asked my mom when her baby was due. Kids can be a little too honest sometimes!

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