The Future Spouses

Quite independently, very much on their own, the boys have each begun praying for their “new daddy.”

“Mommy, when will he find us?”

“Mommy, did you pray for him today?”

“Mommy, you know I miss my real daddy, right?  You know that, right?  But I know there will be a new one.  I just know it.”

One of my sons is exceedingly concerned that the ‘new daddy’ will speak only Spanish.

They have a growing list, a vision of him, of which I am recording every word.  But not on the blog.  Some things are too sacred to post.

“Mommy, he will love you so much.  I know he will.”

“Let’s pray for him again.  Right now, Mommy.”

Robb and I had prayed together for the spouses of our children, for our someday daughters-in-law.  I continue to pray for those lovely, lucky ladies.

As I have prayed for their future spouses, never did I imagine I would listen to my children pray for mine.

6 thoughts on “The Future Spouses

  1. This is beautiful! I love that they’re thinking so much of your happiness and well-being. My prayers go with you as well!

  2. Wow – that gave me chills! It’s amazing that our children can understand the power and importance of prayer at such a young age. You are obviously doing an amazing job raising those two guys of yours. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this…my children have such a way of praying and seeing and I am so blessed by them. Love seeing this glimpse of one way they are blessing you.

  4. Tears of joy and wonder at how God works! I am overjoyed at what God is doing in the life of your family, Tricia!!!

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