We are going to a Wedding Today.


And this is not water-based ink you see all over them. Tucker’s eyelids notwithstanding.

I’m blogging about it instead of addressing the situation in this moment.

It’s wiser for everyone.


17 thoughts on “We are going to a Wedding Today.

  1. I know it is not at all funny now, but someday you will have a laugh about this! Good thing you took a photo as future girlfriends will love it! Good luck with the rest of the day. It can only get better, right!? Praying for patience and an easy removal of the marks.

  2. Just be thankful these are not the ring-bearers! thank goodness you documented this memory for all of you! Hope the rest of the day is better!

  3. ROFL with tears! They do tend to pick the wrong moment for these things, don’t they. LOL

    Good luck at the wedding!

  4. Some people count to 10. Tricia grabs her phone and takes a picture. Whatever works. Seriously. (I have secretly taken pictures of artwork on white walls before dealing with the children, but the “secretly” part would be hard to pull off when the artwork is ON the children!)

    • My first wedding without Robb, my first wedding with the boys, and my first wedding where a single mom is the bride. Profoundly gripping in every way.
      Thank you for praying, De.

  5. I have tears running down my cheeks! Their faces are priceless! They will be the hut of the wedding. You’ll have something fun to laugh about with everyone at the wedding. No awkward moments tonight!

  6. I’m thinking if you dress them in red, white and blue………….

  7. I accidently gave Meriel a black eye on friday- the evening before she was a flower girl in my sister Emily’s wedding. I bumped her into the corner of the sink counter. :( Fortunately it was quite minor and the bruise didn’t spread much until after the wedding!

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