Indeed I am.

“Do the boys have a plan for this summer?”

Many people have asked me this.  The answer is yes, and their plan began today: Summer Fun Club.

They will have an adventure everyday: swimming, the zoo, cave exploration, lunches and snacks, movies and science experiments.  They are as delighted as I am over this full time plan for our summer.

I have said to those who ask, “Thank you for knowing it’s a tough gig to have them all the time.  It’s so kind of you to want to know there is rest coming my way.”

They smile sheepishly.  Each of them.

“No, it’s not really about that at all,” they say.  “It’s pretty selfish on my part.  I just wanted to know you’ll be writing this summer.”

Indeed I will.  Indeed I am. Writing.

It’s good to be liked.  Thanks for liking me.


3 thoughts on “Indeed I am.

  1. What’s not to like Tricia? By the way, I do miss working with you. You inspired me so much as a teacher. Remember my table management back in the day? ;)

    I also believe strongly that everyone needs a break from each other. Whether it is Summer Fun Camp or a girls night out. Enjoy my friend!

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