Today, Life Splashed Me with a Pool Noodle

Sitting poolside.
Sunscreen lathered.
Freckles imminent.

Check my email.
Good ol’ iPhone, my dear friend.
Dangerously part of my identity.

From: Agent.
Subject: Update.

This just in: first publisher’s response.

They love it.
They love the title.
They love the premise.
They love the voice.

They love it, he said.

My heart catches with the windfall of celebration – Just as I am splashed in the face with a wayward pool noodle.

A rather accurate picture of the journey:
The story unfolds as quickly as I can live it.

The two go hand in hand: the celebration and the splash in the face.

Perhaps the celebration is the splash in the face.

Today, there is life.

They love it.

20 thoughts on “Today, Life Splashed Me with a Pool Noodle

  1. No surprise there :)
    Congratulations, Tricia.
    Oh, yeah–that pool noodle–just keeping you cool, lady!

  2. Woo-hoo! I didn’t doubt that they would love it, but confirmation is so sweet, splash in the face and all! Congratulations Tricia Williford, Author!

  3. Oh tricia, I am SO happy for you, and excited to read the book too!
    your new friend!

  4. Congrats from your friends in the land “Down Under”!!! We are so incredibly excited!

  5. Congratulations!!! That’s wonderful!!!! I can’t wait to read it.

    That’s funny about the noodled. LOL

  6. Tricia, I am so thrilled right now!!! I know how much this means to you, so I couldn’t be happier! Congratulations, I know we all support you. :)

  7. Oh, wow! I’ve been reading for a while, pray for you and those sweet boys of yours, and cheer you on from afar, even though I haven’t been much of a commenter! But I do want to say WOO HOO! That’s fantastic! So excited for you and here’s more cheering coming your way! Nice work. Well done. Congratulations!! :)

  8. OF COURSE THEY LOVE IT! None of us here (I mean us here as in your blog readers and first-in-line-for-your-book-purchasers) had any doubts! :)

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