Nice Catch

Tyler jumped out of the pool to throw up into my hand. And I caught it.

Yesterday, Tucker had too much hot dog in his mouth. He spit it out into my hand. And I caught it.

I believe this is a unique maternal ability, born along with the child. The fact that I am capable and willing to open my palm to what may come.

And all I seem to say is, “Oh, man, oh, buddy. What is this? What’s happening?”

And then I wash my hands.

I wonder if this unflappable instinct will always be present. I wonder if I will always catch first, ask later.

Motherhood confounds me.

4 thoughts on “Nice Catch

  1. Reminds me of how my mom would always fling her hand across to the passenger side for a sudden stop when she was driving. Technically useless, but it was an instinct. One I used to find a little silly or endearing….and now I find myself doing it, too.

  2. I love how you put this into words – I have two boys and this has happened to me numerous times (also once with our small dog – gross – yet I still caught).

  3. There have been many times that I’ve said “before I had a child I never thought I’d do ____.” It’s quite amazing what we do for our kids. :)

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