I Love You Differently

“Mommy, do you love Daddy or God more?”

“I love them differently.  And I am so thankful God gave Daddy to me.”

Long pause, further thinking, wheels turning in his busy mind.

“Do you love us more, or Daddy more?”

“I love you differently than I love Daddy.  And I am so thankful Daddy gave you to me.”

There is so much more to explain, so much more to say.  But how can I ever say enough about my love for my Creator, my soulmate, the children of my heart?

How can I explain the facets of each relationship, how I am blessed, forgiven, and encouraged in each?

They will not understand until they have found themselves in each, a new identity in each, a new self discovery in each.

But for now, my answer suffices the question on his mind.

“I love you differently.  And I am thankful.”

One thought on “I Love You Differently

  1. We tried to get our mom to admit which one of us she loved more. It was only after we grew up that we realized she loves our older brother more. It’s so obvious, haha.

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