A Most Tremendous Evening

I am reeling with joy and wordlessness from a most tremendous evening at The Chapel in Akron, Ohio last night.

It was beautiful to ‘come back home.’

To the 400+ who laughed and cried with me last night (in the auditorium or in the overflow with simulcast!), my heart spills with thankfulness.

He lifted me from the miry pit, gave me a firm place to stand, set my feet on solid ground. He has made me glad.

And, my friends, you make my heart sing.


7 thoughts on “A Most Tremendous Evening

  1. And the feeling / expression of gratefulness is VERY mutual, can’t find the right words to describe the presence of God in that room last night. Praise be to Him for giving you the wisdom, strength and gifted to share with us all.

  2. You blessed my heart Friday 13th. I was there last night with my daughter and we really got a blessing out of it. I have been keeping up with your blog. Gail McNutt Thank You for Sharing!

  3. I’m so, so sad I missed this. I deactivated my FB account, and now I’m totally lost. I would’ve loved to hear this and to see you. Did anybody record it?

  4. I”m so sorry I couldn’t make it! I prayed for you over here in PA–for strength, courage and honesty to come from your words. i have no doubt that God answered that prayer!
    (PS. It’s 10:55 pm on Saturday night…..my weekly dose of Tricia’s world!)

  5. What wonderful honesty, grace, laughter and joy you gave!! You have no idea how much you encouraged my widowed mother (age 77) with a sudden death of her husband (my dad) in 2009. She hung on to each and every word you spoke and could sooooo relate. God has gifted you with words. Speak on lady!!

  6. I’m sorry I missed it I was at work. I was hoping you would post at least some of the video?

  7. What an amazing night! It was an honor to hear your story and see your strength and faith in God! You’re truly an inspiration!

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