Resurrection: The Basket I’ve Placed All My Eggs Into

Good morning, Jesus,

Today is your day: Easter morning.
He is risen indeed.
I wonder what is happening in heaven today,
if Easter is a holiday,
or if every day is Easter.

I ask your forgiveness today,
for how little I understand about resurrection.
I cannot wrap my mind around it.
Too often, your resurrection feels like a story that happened then and a promise for what will happen later.
The already, the not yet.
A theological band-aid for my aching, wounded spirit.

I ask your forgiveness for my understanding of where you are; in my mind, you are where my husband is.
I fear you have become the second person I cannot wait to see when I get there.
I ask your forgiveness.
I don’t know how to think differently.

I’ve never met you.  It’s hard to imagine.
And I knew him so well.  I can nearly taste that reunion.

But because you are alive, I know Robb is alive, too.
My God is not dead, he’s alive – he’s alive.
And my husband dines with you today.

I ask your forgiveness.
I believe.  Help my unbelief.

And thank you for being bigger than anything I can wrap my mind around.  How bored we would be if we had you figured out.

Today is your day.  May you receive the glory.

I love you.


* * *

People who have said goodbye
to the body of someone they love
are the people who recognize
how much the resurrection of Jesus really matters.
We want to be reminded that Jesus stands
before and beyond the limits of birth and death.
We’ve been forced into a corner,
where we’ve come to recognize that resurrection is our only hope.
And we’ve grabbed on it.
This promise of ongoing life has been our comfort in the face of death.
Resurrection is the basket we’ve placed all our eggs into.

If you believe in Jesus,
though you ache to have the one you love here with you, your love for that person and your confidence in the promises of God will actually help to turn this ache of sorrow into anticipation of joy.  The reality of life beyond this world will become more real, and your longing for it will grow.  Your thoughts of it will become less sentimental and more solid and sure.”

~Nancy Guthrie, Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow

* * *

Christ is risen from the dead,
trampling over death by death,
Come awake, Come awake,
Come and rise up from the grave.

O, death, where is your sting?
O, hell, where is your victory?
O, church, come stand in the light:
Our God is not dead, he’s alive, he’s alive!


4 thoughts on “Resurrection: The Basket I’ve Placed All My Eggs Into

  1. I love this post!
    It is so true!
    Thanks for sharing your feelings with us :)
    Happy Easter!

  2. Thank you, Tricia. May the fact of the Lord’s resurrection continue to give you hope and courage. You continued to be remembered in prayer….

  3. The song that the lyrics you wrote at the end of this post are from has to be one of my favorite songs, especially at this time of year. They make me realize how true and alive the story of Christ is, and how amazing it is. I love this time of year…

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