Ice Castles

Little bottoms can get cold on a throne made of ice.

Just sayin.

I snapped that one just before an Ice Castle Official came rushing over to scoop Tuck off before he fell to his demise.  FYI: Castles are not for climbing.

You know what I’ve never done before?

Driven to the mountains on my own.

And that’s how to start a Spring Break Staycation.

By proving to yourself that you can.

2 thoughts on “Ice Castles

  1. Tricia, what joy you are creating for and with your boys! I love seeing your smiling face. I’m sure someday your boys will look back at all the fun you chose to have with them and be so thankful for it. I hope that joy is surprising you by its presence sometimes. I can imagine there are other days you have to choose it and seek it out.
    On a side note, I seem to recall years ago your dad pulling a picture out of his wallet. He said, “Want to see my pride and joy?” Of course we did. Probably with a big smile and maybe a laugh, he pulled out a picture of the dish washing soap (joy) and something else (can’t think of something named “pride”). :) In all seriousness, we all knew you (and your brother) were his real pride and joy.

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