In Tyler’s preschool class, they are learning to give compliments.  They went around the circle, and each child took a turn saying something kind to a teacher or classmate.

“You have a nice shirt.”
“I like your hair.”
“I like your sparkly shoes.”

And then it was Tyler’s turn.

(Wait for it.)

“Miss Sami, you have extraordinary armpits.”

14 thoughts on ““Extraordinary.”

  1. oh.my.word. That is the best ever ~ Tyler was created especially for you. God knew you needed all this material to write about ! ♥

  2. When I could stop laughing I decided he determined this from all the hugs he’s received from Ms. Sami. Yeah, that’s what I’m going with.

  3. I LOVE it!!! I have a little monkey just like that. Always interesting waiting for what’s going to be said next :)

  4. I REALLY needed the smile this just brought to my heart. Thank you, Tyler and Tricia.

  5. HAHA!! I remember when our (very talkative and precocious) daughter was 2, we were in the grocery store and a sweet older gentleman told her she was cute. Her response was “Thank you. You’re very refreshing!” Ah, the things they say!! :-)

  6. I never thought the first time my name was on a blog it would be about my armpits, but I’ll take it ;-) I love that Tyler and the way he thinks!!

  7. That made me laugh so long and hard that I…well I won’t tell you what happened.
    There are some secrets best left that way.
    However, I’m sure that teacher will never again look at her armpits in the same light as before.
    HA-Lynda Wishart

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