Best Guess Speller

Tyler’s preschool teacher greeted me yesterday afternoon with a gleam in her eye and an iPhone in her hand.

“I just had to show this to you,” she said.  The children had been playing with letters to build words and sentences, and this is Tyler’s finished product.

“My mom is a writer.”

12 thoughts on “Best Guess Speller

  1. LOL…okay so I tried to figure what it said out before I looked at the caption and I thought it said “My Mom Is Your Leader” LOL :) His original intent is best I think though!! :)

  2. So sweet! He’s SO proud of you, with good reason! That’s a photo to treasure forever!

  3. Like Crystal, I looked at the photo, trying to decipher it. I told myself, I know that Tyler wouldn’t write anything, it must be important. It was! I was finally smart enough to remember that you wouldn’t just put this up and not explain it. I found out that their was a caption, making it obvious that I am an idiot. I love you so much Tricia, and I can tell that Tyler is very proud of you. :)

  4. Love it! That should be put in a frame on your desk for inspiration. The faith and support of such a sweetheart! :)

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