Acquired Task

Tucker glared indignantly at the bulging trash bag next to the back door.  (He’ll make an excellent indignant teenager, I foresee.)

“That trash is always there, and I always have to take it out, and it’s always so dirty.”

“And I’m so thankful for you, Tucker, because that’s something Daddy used to do for me.  And I’m glad you don’t mind.”

His countenance softened, from his shoulders to his voice.  He heaved the bag over his shoulder and opened the door to the garage.

“I’ll do this for you everyday if you want, Mommy.”

5 thoughts on “Acquired Task

  1. You’re such a wise mother. I love your response to Tuck’s observation-complaint. I love what it produces in him and his reply. So special, so much that happened with just a few well-chosen words. You are the queen of well-chosen words, Tricia, and not only on paper, but in life.

  2. Hello Tricia,

    I saw a FB friend mention your blog, and I’ve been reading it off and on ever since. It’s amazing to see God pouring into you and watching you overflow with His Grace. I love the way you ask the hard questions that have no easy reply. You say the difficult things instead of filling up the empty spaces with Christian platitudes. Please hold fast to that honesty as you grow in your calling.

    I’ve prayed for you since I read your story. Not out of a sense of guilt that my life isn’t falling apart (though I have dealt with my share of pain in my life); I just felt God prompting me to do SOMETHING and it is the only thing I could do. I’m not normally a “I’ll pray for you” type of person; I’m usually a “What can I get for you/do for you?” type of person. Maybe because it seemed as though “I’ll pray for you” has become simply a smooth way of ending a conversation. But I am growing in this, and praying for someone I’ve never met has helped to effect this change. I owe you a debt!

    I don’t know that we’ll ever meet here on earth, but perhaps we will in heaven. I’ll see you at a warm, mellow coffee shop there; there will be lots of those, because in heaven people will not be so time burdened but instead have plenty of time for fellowship. I’ll say “Hey, Tricia, you don’t know me, but I’m one of those girls who prayed for you when you were walking through that difficult time in your life. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.” (I am about the same age as you, I think, but if I live to be 80 I will always refer to myself as a “girl.” :-)

    I hope heaven is full of all sorts of connections like those. Even better than facebook :-).

    God bless you and your sweet boys.


    • Hello, Nicole,

      There is so much to love in this message: coffee shops in heaven, a million connections for fellowship, and a place even better than Facebook. Hard to imagine. Beautiful to know. :)

      And I love – and will hereby claim – your decision to forever refer to yourself as a girl. Amen, sister.

      Thank you for praying for me. I would love to meet you… here AND There.


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