A Bill to Pay

I have a bill to pay today: the ER bill from December 22, 2010.

Even though the services rendered didn’t help my husband,

even though it’s nobody’s fault,

even though the patient died 12 hours later,

I have a bill to pay.

There are some things a death certificate doesn’t forgive.

* * *

p.s.  I contacted them today.  They sent their sincere condolences, and they apologized that they had not forgiven the debt sooner.  My account has been shifted to $0.00.  This is what happens when there is a person behind the system.

4 thoughts on “A Bill to Pay

  1. There is only one word that I want to say in response to this excruciating reality but it isn’t a nice word. How many excruciating realities can one woman handle in a year? Hoping that as the Lord continues to bless your writing, He’ll also soon make it profitable, and that this bill, and many others will be a distant fuzzy memory, making room for lots more new (happy)memories in this year of fresh starts.

  2. Another one of the harsh realities that death brings. I’m sorry, Tricia. Lots of hugs to you.

  3. That’s awesome that they did that for you. Stuff like that doesn’t happen often in our screwed up health care system…

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