This Thing Of Going By Yourself

“Mommy, this thing of you going off by yourself sometimes?  It’s not going to happen anymore.”

“It probably will, buddy.”

“But then I cry.”

“Did you cry tonight while I was gone?”


“Well, see?  That’s good.  And I came back.  I always come back.”

“But you’re not going to go anywhere on your own anymore.  That’s not happening.”

He paused and added, “Only go when it’s the three of us.”

No promises, kiddo.   But sometimes you’ll get to go too.

Someday you will understand that I’m a better mom when I’m with you because I had a window of time without you.


3 thoughts on “This Thing Of Going By Yourself

  1. Great thoughts, my friend. You speak (write) truth so simply and beautifully. And take it from someone who used to be a little guy, your little guy will not only understand but will thank you for it.

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