Vade Mecum

I always have a book with me.  Physically and always, I have a book with me.

I just learned there is a name for this: vade mecum.  \vay-dee-MEE-kum\  noun.

1.  a book for ready reference: manual.
2. something regularly carried about by a person.

“Vade mecum” is Latin for “go with me.”

Could there be a better phrase for the book at my side?  I think not.

I think I have a new favorite phrase in Latin.

Which means this is the first time I’ve had a favorite phrase in Latin.

This is a big day.


4 thoughts on “Vade Mecum

  1. I love that! I do the same because you never know when you will have some down time. I also always have THE book with me because that is one that cannot leave my side.

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