No Regrets, but a Handful of Apologies.

Hey, babe,

I’m sorry for texting sometimes while you were talking to me.

I’m sorry for the times when you told a joke, but I didn’t laugh.  

I’m sorry if I ever let you feel lonely.

I’m sorry if you ever had to wonder where you fit in my heart.

I’m sorry for the times I didn’t light up over you.

I’m sorry there weren’t enough days.

I miss you today.  Your voice, your laugh, your smell.

4 thoughts on “No Regrets, but a Handful of Apologies.

  1. Yes, a touching, urgent reminder that I have borrowed already today for a loved one. Thank you.

  2. Because of this post today, I looked at and related to my husband with a deeper sense of gratitude–for him and to God who have both blessed me beyond what I deserve. Every day I learn a little bit more about grace. One day I’ll surrender completely to it–at least that’s my prayer.

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