A Word to Millennials

I am completing some graduate research on how generations relate to one another, from The Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and finally the Millennials.

Here’s what I need to say: Millennials, you impress me.

Enough of this talk about this generation of college students, young professionals, and young marrieds being out of touch, over medicated, over sexed, highly addicted, aimless, hopeless, and disconnected.

I have research to prove otherwise.

Millennials were born into a world of accessible options. Life is a cafeteria, and they may pick and choose as they wish. They choose their own authority, and they view their career as a place to serve. If this job doesn’t work out, they’re not at all afraid to leave and choose another one instead.

They were seemingly born with an understanding of technology, and it is central to their lives: they employ technology to stay globally connected, professionally and socially, at all times.

They are trained to be doers and achievers,
and they demonstrate a new focus on teamwork,
achievement, and good conduct.

I dig you.

Millennials are numerous, more affluent, better educated, and more ethnically diverse than any generation before them. They are trained to be doers and achievers, and they demonstrate a new focus on teamwork, achievement, and good conduct.

Believe it or not, Millennials are rule followers. They like clear direction, defined expectations, and the option to be creative within those parameters.

Some have said this generation is less religious, but the truth is, they are no more secular than those who have gone before. They may seem less committed to the church, but they are simply redefining it. It’s not a place to be on Sunday; it’s a way of life. Millennials express their commitment by serving different causes and types of organizations. Don’t mistake this for distraction: they are making their choices with great intention.

Disconnected? No way. Millennials are the most connected generation yet. They rival the Boomers in size, and the Boomers were the most influential generation of their day. They were a political force, and they made some major changes. And, they did it all by word of mouth. (Woodstock wasn’t advertised on Facebook.) So, take those numbers and that passion, and add to it a global accessibility that keeps them connected 24/7. A weak and distracted generation? Not hardly. A force to be reckoned with.

Millennials are itching to lead. And while there is much to learn from the experience and wisdom of the Xers and the Boomers, let no one look down on you because you are young, Millennials. You were made to lead.

(Being a rule follower, I was tempted to say that I am an Xer, since I was born in the last year of their generation. But being honest in my self awareness, I am rightfully a Millennial. It’s true.)

Millennials, I dig you.

(I have sources for all this stuff.  You can read my bibliography if you want.)

8 thoughts on “A Word to Millennials

  1. This is very professional and polished. I miss your old blog. It seemed a lot more personal and real.

  2. Janette, I had the same thought as I visited today to see the new blog. But still love the content, Tricia. You are a regular read for me! Blessings!

  3. Thank you so much! I am a Millennial, and its so nice to hear that we’re not the rebellious disconnected folks that certain people believe we are! I think my generation is a creative, generous, and motivated group! Just not the same way our parents or grandparents were!

  4. While I love the personel entries as well I also LOVE that your brain is in a place where you can write a wonderful entry of this style. Plus one non personal entry doesn’t mean the whole journal is suddenly going to be that style, I’m sure we will still get pleanty of personel entries.

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