Way to go, Smart Mom.

I know these symptoms.  In the morning he has a runny nose, and by nightfall, we can land in the ER.  It’s the nature of Respiratory Airway Disease.  Zero to sixty in .2 seconds.

Tuck was showing all the classic signs of decline, and I had tapped all of my at-home resources and remedies.  We couldn’t get ahead of it.

…Hey, Robb? She said ‘Way to go.’ I did the right thing.

His breathing was labored.
His heart rate was accelerated.
His throat was tight.
His stomach was distended.

I know these symptoms.

Should I take him in?  Is there anything more I can do here?  Am I missing something?  Robb, what did we do before?  Can’t you help me think?

“Tuck, do you think we should go to the doctor tonight?”

“Yes, please.  Right now, Mommy.”

And so we went.  Just me and my tall boy.  To the ER.

Suffice it to say, the doctors affirmed my decision.  Multiple breathing treatments, steroids, a bonus diagnosis of a double ear infection, and four hours later, my boy was on the mend once more.

As we left, the nurse said to me, “Way to go, smart mom.  You did everything you could at home, and you let us take it from there.  If you had waited, you would have had a very sick boy in the hospital.  Way to go, smart mom.”

Hey, Robb?  She said, ‘Way to go.’  I did the right thing. 

And Tucker is okay tonight.

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  1. Way to go Tricia.
    still praying for you each time I read and each time I think of y’all.
    Love the new blog format.
    I’m here to stay. :)

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